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In Paris, I was living in the XIXth close to the famous and artistic "Rue Dénoyez" and loved walking around. Street Art and Graffiti are present in many places and thanks to a very intuitive application you can discover "Paris Street Art".

The majority of my pictures come from the project "La Tour Paris XIII". It was amazing!


I recently spent few days in Berlin. The city is well known for Street Art too but i didn't have the time to discover all the places i wanted to! Berlin is so  Big! I will have to come back! ;)


In South America, I took my first pictures in Bolivia. The cities of Cochabamba and la Paz offer colorful murals dealing with people life.

I recently heard about the Urban Art Bienale (BAU) organized in Cochabamba.

With Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile is also a "must" for murals! I felt so good walking in the streets. It is so spectacular and easy to find tours. I enjoyed a fantastic tour by night and by bike with passionate guides.

After Peru, I crossed Ecuador by bus and finished my South American trip in Colombia. You will see pictures of murals from two wonderful and colourful cities : Bogota and Cartagena.


In the USA, I falled in love with Philly also famous for its Murals Art Programs and enjoyed New York city and the famous and creative neighborhood of Bushwick, borough of Brooklyn.


There is so much to see!

Street artists, THANK YOU for your talent and for making us feeling like living in "a playground"! ;)






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